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If you have a complaint, please try to resolve it with the MUTA Member concerned as soon as the complaint arises. If you are unable to resolve the complaint with the Member directly, we'd like to hear about it. Please note that we cannot respond to anonymous complaints, nor to complaints for which there is no evidence.

We treat all complaints seriously

A complaint is a serious matter – it results in a formal investigation where we gather evidence before taking action. Ultimately, it could result in a Member being expelled from MUTA.

On receiving a complaint, we will contact you to check that we have understood the issue correctly. We will ask for evidence to support the claim – documents, photos and the like. We do not accept anonymous complaints and we do require your full co-operation in any investigation. We will examine whether there has been a breach of the MUTA Member's commitment:

  • To follow MUTA's Best Practice Guide on all jobs
  • That all advertising must be legal, decent, honest, truthful
  • That all product information must be truthful and accurate
  • To maintain public liability insurance of at least £1m
  • That prices and discounts quoted must not be misleading
  • That all transactions must be conducted in accordance with the law
  • To provide a professional standard of workmanship
  • To check all of its own work
  • To provide goods of an appropriate quality
  • To promptly, efficiently and courteously investigate any complaint.

If we find a failure in any of these areas then the Executive Committee will determine the appropriate course of action, and see that the action is implemented.

Make a complaint
Please complete this form if you cannot resolve your dispute with the MUTA Member directly.

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Make a complaint

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