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We’re all about best practice in the marquee, tent and structure industry.  Members must abide by our Code of Practice and Best Practice Guide, and are inspected to ensure that they do. In an industry where there are plenty of not-so-good companies, MUTA membership is a powerful differentiator and helps to win business.
Members Benefits

Your membership benefits:

Guidance Notes
Guidance notes will provide you with help and assistance on various industry related topics.
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Guidance Note 1
Driver Certificates of Professional Competence (CPC)
Guidance Note 2
Drivers' Hours Legislation - Tachograph Rules
Guidance Note 3
Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM)
Guidance Note 4
Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
Guidance Note 5
Guide to Safe Working Procedures
Guidance Note 6
Portable Applicance Testing (PAT)
Guidance Note 7
Risk Assessments
Guidance Note 8
Ladder Inspection & Labelling
Help with the Basics
Helping you to put processes and procedures in place.  
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Pro Forma Terms & Conditions of Hire
We strongly advise you seek your own independent legal advice before implementing MUTA’s pro forma Terms & Conditions of hire.
Risk Assessment - Hand Arm Vibration
We strongly advise you tailor this basic risk assessment based on your own work activities. See 'Guidance Note 7' for information on risk assessments. 
Risk Assessment - Hand Held Power Tools
We strongly advise you tailor this detailed risk assessment based on your own work activities. See 'Guidance Note 7' for information on risk assessments. 
Staff Induction Template
Training every member of your staff as soon as they join the company and before they start work is essential to protect you as the employer, and them as the employee. MUTA's Staff Induction Training template is a PowerPoint presentation you can use as a head start when developing your own relevant induction training.
On-Site Induction
A few minutes at the start of each job spent running through an on-site induction will kick the day off in the right way. It will put safety at the front of everyone's mind and help the day run smoothly as everyone will know about any issues on that particular site. Members can download this template and modify it to suit their specific needs.
Premises Audit
Use our form to conduct an audit of your workplace. We can help you check that it is safe.
Assembled Structure Checklist
Use our formal checklist to give your crew a helping hand when recording their completion of a build form.
Underground Services Form
Use this customisable form to ensure that the underground services are correctly identified.
PR and Marketing
Helping to promote your business in a competitive marketplace.
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Listing on
Full members are listed on and benefit from the MUTA's ongoing national campaign 'Use a MUTA Member'. They can advertise their contact details, promotional statements and their structure types products under the Member Listing at To do so, click the button here. 
Right to use MUTA Member Logo
Full members have the right to use the MUTA member logo in their own marketing materials, displaying their commitment to MUTA's high standards. This can help you win business in a competitive marketplace. All logos and guidelines can be downloaded here.
Promotion in MUTA Marketing Materials
MUTA operates a fresh, dynamic website and regularly takes a stand at the Showman's Show. We produce various industry leading documents and issue press releases. Our members supply photos for these materials which are always presented with a credit to the supplying company. It's yet another way of getting your name out there - at no extra cost.
Display Ads
If your product or service is of an interest to other MUTA members, why not set up a display ad to appear on the MUTA members' website? It's free and only requires a simple graphic. If you need help with creating the graphic, we can put you in touch with our designers (fees will apply).
Staff Development and Training
Helping you with training and staff development to improve your business effectiveness.
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MUTA Skills Cards
Motivate your staff and prove their competence on site with MUTA Skills Cards. These credit card sized photo ID cards provide evidence of training, licences and the different structure type qualifications for each member of your team. These can be worn on-site to demonstrate competence to your clients, general public as well as health & safety officials. They can form a part of your ongoing staff development programme, encouraging the acquisition of new skills and rewarding the efforts with new and more advanced Skills Cards. MUTA Skills Cards are exclusively available to MUTA members and are issued for free.
StructureSafe Training Course
StructureSafe is a one-day health and safety training course run by MUTA. Its aim is educating and refreshing the existing knowledge of temporary structures, health and safety and the Best Practice. The course covers:
  • Overview of H&S legislation
  • H&S documentation
  • Risk assessment process
  • Principles of a safe workplace
  • Electrical hazards
  • Safe use of machinery
  • Underground and overhead services
  • Workplace transport
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Working at height
Upon completion of the course, candidates will sit an in-house test to demonstrate their understanding of what they have learned during the course and after a successful completion will receive a nationally recognised industry certificate.

The course is discounted to £60+VAT per person for MUTA members' employees and costs £160+VAT per person for non-members.  

Courses for between 10-20 candidates are organised all around the country in response to demand. They can even be held at your premises for your convenience. 
Electrical Safety Training
This is an extended PowerPoint training presentation available to members aiming to provide their staff with a more in-depth understanding of electrical issues.  
Business Support
Helping you solve your business problems.
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Auto Enrolment
Auto Enrolment is a Government initiative encouraging employees to take up pension schemes with their employers. All employers must provide a pension provision for their staff if they haven't done so already.

MUTA is not authorised to provide financial advice but you may wish to consider the following providers. 
Free Legal & Business Support
MUTA's Business Support Helpline is free of charge to all members and helps you understand the complexity of the workplace regulations. Specialist advice is available in the following areas:
  • Tax
  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • Payroll
  • Employment & Personnel
  • Health & Safety
  • Commercial Legal
Merchant Services

When looking to use merchant services, we recommend our members to always contact their own bank first as banks tend to offer preferential rates to their existing customers.

For comparison purposes, we have listed some of the popular providers.

Useful Links
View links to other relevant organisations such as: trade associations, government organisations, standards bodies and industry institutions.
Preferential Rates for MUTA Members
Helping you reduce costs through a range of specially negotiated MUTA discounts.
Read more about Preferential Rates for MUTA Members
CAT Scanning Equipment
Members can now benefit from discounts on the cat4 & genny4 equipment. These equate to 38% off of the 2016 price list and are exclusive to MUTA members.
First Aid Training
Green Cross Training now offer discounts to MUTA members on all types of First Aid Training courses. 
MUTA members can now access a fuelcard which will enable you to obtain discounted fuel from all the well-known brands, such as: 
  • BP
  • Shell
  • Esso
  • Texaco
  • Diesel Direct
  • UK Fuels and more
Fuelcards can also be used at most major supermarkets. 
Stretch Fabric Structures
MUTA member Stretch Fabric Structures is a multinational company specialising in inflatable structures, stretch tents and stretch fabric creations. They offer MUTA Members free shipping by air freight on any order.

Savings will vary depending on the weight of the order, but can be anything from £444 to £1000.
Sustainability and Environmental Consultancy Service
Sam Wilson, the Director of EcoEvents, also a MUTA member and a MUTA newsletter contributor, offers sustainability and environmental consultancy service and Event ISO, which specialises in integrated ISO adoption and training, which includes: 
  • ISO 9001 - Quality
  • ISO 20121 - Event Sustainability
  • OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health & Safety 
As part of her ongoing commitment to MUTA, Sam is offering a 10% discount on all Ecoevents and Event ISO services for 2016. Please feel free to email Sam for more details or if you have any questions. 
Reference Documents
Providing useful documents for your business and explaining how MUTA operates.
Read more about Reference Documents
IFAI TRD Staking Study
This guide is supplied by the Tent Rental Division of the IFAI trade association (based in the USA) and provides information related to the effectiveness of different staking arrangements. Use it to determine what staking is required on a particular site. Our thanks to the IFAI for allowing us to share this document.
IVK - Europe: Instructions for Handling PVC
A group of European PVC manufacturers have come together and prepared a document detailing how to best handle, clean and store PVC coated polyester fabric in order to achieve the longest possible life time of your products. 
MUTA Inspection Process
As a MUTA member you will be inspected at random intervals (with a notice period) to ensure that you are following the Best Practice Guide correctly. Our document explains the purpose of the inspection regime as well as the different types of inspections that are carried out. It outlines how they are scored and followed up. Use it as something to work towards as well as a sign of credibility for your customers. 
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