A complaint is a serious matter – it results in a formal investigation where we gather evidence before taking action. Ultimately, it could result in a member being expelled from MUTA.

On receiving a complaint, we will contact you to check that we have understood the issue correctly. We will ask for evidence to support the claim – documents, photos and the like.

We do not accept anonymous complaints and we do require your full co-operation in any investigation. We will examine whether there has been a breach of the member’s commitment:

  • To follow the Best Practice Guide on all jobs
  • That all advertising must be legal, decent, honest, truthful
  • That all product information must be truthful and accurate
  • To maintain public liability insurance of at least £1m
  • That prices and discounts quoted must not be misleading
  • That all transactions must be conducted in accordance with the law
  • To provide a professional standard of workmanship
  • To check all of its own work
  • To provide goods of an appropriate quality
  • To promptly, efficiently and courteously investigate any complaint.

If we find a failure in any of these areas then MUTA’s Executive Committee will determine the appropriate course of action, and see that the action is implemented.

To raise a complaint, email info@muta.org.uk and we will advise of the next steps.