The good, the bad and the ugly

Let’s face it… there are some brilliant marquee and tent hirers out there, and some very poor ones too. The best will build you a first-class structure, keep your stress levels low, manage your on site risk and be a delight to work with. The worst ones will make your event a nightmare.

Only the best is good enough

MUTA is only interested in having the best companies as members.

Professional, legal and honest

Our members sign up to a Code of Practice requiring them to be legal, decent, honest and truthful. They are obliged to provide a professional standard of workmanship, to check all their own work, and to maintain adequate insurance.

Failure is not an option

They must follow MUTA’s industry leading Best Practice Guide and submit themselves to independent audits to ensure that they do. Members who fail their audit are required to make immediate improvements; failure to do so results in expulsion.

If something goes wrong

If something goes wrong, MUTA members must promptly, efficiently and courteously investigate any complaint. If that process fails, customers can complain directly to MUTA. If MUTA upholds the complaint, members must take the required action or be expelled.

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