Where a semi rigid frame provides the structural stability, mostly use synthetic fabrics as a covering so as to avoid the problems created by shrinkage and expansion of natural fibres.

Frames can be of wood, steel or aluminium tubing or, as is the case with most modern frames, box section aluminium. This latter type are often referred to as “clear span” structures which can be in widths up to 50m with no intermediate pole supports (hence the name).

The uninterrupted internal space of frame structures makes them very popular for a wide variety of events from private functions, through corporate hospitality to large exhibitions.

Because they have a solid frame this type of marquee can accept a higher level of accessories, such as doors, windows, rigid side panels and sophisticated flooring systems. Consequently the move, of late, has been to an ever increasing standard of finish and internal comfort, so much so that many guests do not realise that they are actually in a “marquee”.

This level of sophistication, together with their structural stability has encouraged the recent trend to extend the traditional marquee season into the winter months.