The Power of Events reveals its new branding and objectives

The Power of Events (formerly One Industry One Voice) has revealed its new branding and splash page, showcasing its mission, vision and core objectives.

The Power of Events is designed to support the UK events industry by bringing together seven core sectors, including outdoor events and weddings.

The organisation’s objectives are:

  • To deliver a comprehensive communications hub alongside an event analysis and evaluation platform to support the UK events community
  • To work in partnership with universities across all four nations to design and deliver research and data that demonstrates the social, economic and cultural impacts of events across the UK
  • To provide a one stop showcase for the UK events Industry that fully maps out the sectors, expertise and networks with the potential CSR, DE&I, wellbeing, skills & innovation developments they support

In addition, The Power of Events plans to launch a digital tool that will enable collaboration and enhanced engagement between UK event professionals.

Founder, Rick Stainton, said:

“We have always felt that we had to be impactful, clear and content led, mapping out and signposting the UK events industry in an inclusive way across the seven core sectors.

Showing everyone what how this is developing is really important to us, so we can now get feedback and suggestions ensuring the main hub is designed by the industry, for the industry.”

MUTA is proud to support the work of The Power of Events. To find out more, visit