Introducing MUTA’s compliance and development programme

MUTA’s hiring members are among the best in the country. By choosing a MUTA member you significantly reduce the risk of any problems occurring with your event. Click here to find out more about the benefits.

To ensure such high standards, MUTA must be more than just a trade association that any company can join by filling in a form and paying a fee. That is where MUTA’s compliance and development programme comes in.

New members have to pass an audit before they are allowed to join. Existing members must submit themselves to safety audits each year to ensure they are maintaining standards.

MUTA conducts two types of audits:

  • Site audit – where the auditor observes a team building or dismantling a structure
  • Premises audit – where the auditor visits a member’s premises and observes working practices, and reviews and advices on compliance documentation

MUTA’s audit regime saw a number of changes in 2016 and since then the programme has evolved with over 1,000 audits taking place. During that time, the vast majority of members have significantly improved their working practices, demonstrating their commitment to MUTA’s mission of raising standards.  

As part of the programme, MUTA has taken decisive action where members have failed to make improvements or adhere to statutory requirements. Instances of non-compliance have been investigated and some members have had their membership terminated.

Jo Bastien, director of World Inspired Tents and hiring member, explains how the programme benefits them:

“Our clients are reassured by the fact we adopt industry best practices, which are audited and assessed by MUTA. In turn we are safe in the knowledge that we are providing the highest quality of service.”

Tony Perfect, MUTA’s compliance and development manager, said:

“After a somewhat disjointed couple of years due to covid, it’s been great to spend almost a full season on-site with members. As a critical friend to members my role is to highlight areas that need improvement and help make those improvements. As part of my role I also explain the benefits of using a MUTA member to event organisers.

I’d like to thank members for their continued support and co-operation. Also, thank you to the showgrounds, festivals and sporting arenas that have welcomed spot visits from the UK’s only trade association dedicated to marquees, tents and structures.”

MUTA’s compliance and development programme is designed to help and support members, and give you the reassurance that you are dealing with a safe and reliable organisation that operates to the highest of standards.

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To find out more about MUTA’s compliance and development programme, please email or call 01379 788673.

Image supplied by Fews Marquees