New course to be developed to boost industry training

Staff development is vitally important for the temporary structure industry, which is why MUTA has established a Training Working Group (TWG) to help guide the design, development and improvement of training activity.

The TWG comprises Lee Dalton of Roder UK, Garry Chapman of Highfield Event Group and Tim Hall of Neptunus. MUTA’s compliance and development manager Tony Perfect, and MUTA’s general manager Joe Chalk also make up the TWG.

The group’s first task has been to undertake a thorough review of training needs among members. This enabled the TWG to identify what members need from their trade association to help with the development of their teams.

MUTA conducts around 200 safety audits per year, 100 of which are on-site at showgrounds, festivals, sporting arenas and private settings. Evidence of training is one of the most common shortfalls.

While some new starters receive in-house training and some manufacturers offer basic training to customers who purchase their products, currently, there is no formal training for the industry on how to erect a temporary structure safely and effectively.

This means that there are inconsistencies in approaches, occasionally resulting in unsafe practices and poor-quality structures.

Following a proposal prepared by the TWG, MUTA’s Executive Committee has commissioned work to begin on a new e-learning course. The course, designed for crew members and new starters, will help candidates learn how to erect and dismantle a frame marquee.

After each module, candidates will be required to successfully answer a series of questions to demonstrate their knowledge.

TWG member, Garry Chapman, said: “I speak on behalf of the whole TWG when I say I’m delighted work has begun on a new e-learning course. Following the success of StructureSafe online, and in order to reach a wider audience, we felt that an online course was the best route to take.

“We’ve teamed up with a group of experts to develop a bespoke course specifically for those who erect and dismantle frame marquees. A frame marquee is one of the most common types of temporary structure. Over time, MUTA’s intention is to develop a series e-learning courses for other structure types.

“The National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) for temporary structures discontinued in 2010. MUTA’s long-term aim is to re-establish an NVQ for the industry. This e-learning course would be considered as a module, or part of one, in the development of an NVQ.”

MUTA would like to thank the Event Industry Forum for its generosity and support in funding 50% of the project. Read more about the EIF and how it supports the outdoor event industry here.  

Further details on the course and its launch date will follow.